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email advice / request / suggestion

unto robert montague and the merry rose, greetings!


i'm very glad you're enjoying your introduction into the sca, and i
welcome your presence on our mailing list!  i do have a request /
suggestion having to do with email etiquette, and please don't take
this as a flame: 

some of us are on limited-storage accounts, and others among us already
get hundreds of messages a day related to other lists or to our jobs. 
when you send a dozen or so messages to the atlantian mailing list, our
inboxes can fill up rapidly or get even more cluttered.  please consider 
sending one long message, rather than a dozen one-paragraph notes! 

more importantly, from the tone of the messages to which you are replying,
it looks as though you are copying personal email to the list at large. 
not only is this information irrelevant to everyone but you and the
sender, but that practice is considered EXTREMELY impolite on the net and
can be construed as an unwanted violation of the sender's privacy. 
(granted, the subjects to which you have been replying haven't exactly
been highly sensitive - but it's a bad habit to get into.)

i know finnvarr has just left us due to the traffic load, which is the
other thing that led me to post this email.  i LOVE the discussions going
on here, and i'm not trying to stifle your conversation - but i do think
that a little net.etiquette goes a long way. :) i'm copying this to the
list at large after a fair among of waffling, because i do think it
affects all of us and i'm curious as to what others think on the

again, this is NOT intended as a flame - just as friendly advice to guide
you as you explore our list.  (i don't flame people for not knowing
better.  on the other hand, i DO flame people for knowing better and being
inconsiderate - which fortunately hasn't happened yet on this list!)  i 
look forward to hearing more from you - in moderation! ;)

						in service, and hoping
						not to be misconstrued,


lisa lorenzin                          april is the cruelest month, breeding
lisa@trinet.com                        lilacs from the dead land, mixing
http://www.privnet.com/lisa            memory and desire...   - t. s. eliot

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