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RE: Interesting Free Offer........

I am sorry for taking up your bandwidth with this but I suggest you forward this spam from selli97635@aol.com to the address tosemail1@aol.com and let them know what this jerk has been doing.  This type of thing is a direct violation of the Terms of Service of America Online and the offender WILL be dealt with accordingly.  Sigh...not all members of AOL are like this....believe me

L. Sugar
From: 	SElli97635@aol.com[SMTP:SElli97635@aol.com]
Sent: 	Saturday, April 27, 1996 2:14 PM
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Subject: 	Interesting Free Offer........

Forwarded message:
Subj:    Interesting Free Offer........
Date:    96-04-27 13:08:08 EDT
From:    SElli97635
To:      SElli97635

To: internet.announcement.service@r1.f64.n8769.z303.fidonet.org

-----> NOTE:   Please first read my note which appears below the "Request for
more info Form."  Then, to get more info, just fill out the "Request for More
Info" form completely and *FAX* or *SMAIL* it back to the company.  You will
get a quick reply via email within 1 business day of receipt of the info
request form below. 

return *only* the below form and *no part* of this message other than the
actual form below.  If you do not know how to cut and paste the below form
onto a fresh clean blank page for faxing, then you may re-type the below
form, as long as you copy it line for line *exactly.*  This is necessary in
order for them to be able to process the tremendous number of replies that
they get daily.

Your fax goes directly onto their 4.2 gigabyte computer hard drive, not
paper, and all incoming fax calls are set-up to be *auto-terminated* and/or
*auto-deleted* from the incoming queue of faxes to be read, if your fax:

1. has a cover page;  
2. is more than one page
3. is sent more than one time
4. does not begin with the "cut here/begin" line from the below form
5. does not end with the "cut here/end" line from the below form.
6. has any handwritten info. on it (info must must be filled out *only* 
    with your computer keyboard or typewriter keyboard).  This last 
    provision re:  no handwriting on the form applies to requests sent in 
    via smail also.

NOTE:  Their fax line is open 24 hrs. per day / 7 days per week.   However,
 if you have trouble getting through due to the high volume of overseas faxes
coming in during the early morning and late night hours, please note that the
best time to get through to their fax is Monday-Friday, 9 am - 5 pm EST (New
York Time).  If you have trouble getting through to their fax, or do not have
a fax machine at work or at home, just drop the below form to them via smail
(airmail or first class mail).

*------------cut here/begin-------------------------------------------*
REQUEST FOR MORE INFO:  please return *only* this section (with no cover
page) via 1-page fax to:
                              718-967-1550 in the USA

or via smail (first class mail or airmail) to:    
                                         Magazine Club Inquiry Center
                                         Att. FREE Catalogue-by-email Dept.
                                         PO Box 990
                                         Staten Island NY  10312-0990

Sorry, but incomplete forms *will not* be acknowledged.  If you do not
have an email address, or access to one, they will not be able to help you
until you do have one.  If you saw this message, then you should have one.


Internet email address:
Smail home address:
Work Tel. #:
Work Fax #:
Home Tel. #:
Home Fax #:

How did you hear about us (name of person who referred you or the area of
the internet that you saw us mentioned in):  Referral by:  Sally Ann Ellison.

Name of USA mags you currently get on the newsstand or in the store:

Name of USA mags you currently get on the newsstand or in the store:

Name of USA mags you currently get on a subscription basis, through the mail:

Name of USA mags you would like price quotes on when we call you:

Catalogue format desired (list "1," "2," "3" or "4"):

*------------cut here/end--------------------------------------------*

Catalogue Format Options:
1.  19-Part email- can be read by EVERYONE (~525 K Total).
2.  For more advanced computer users:  attached text file ~525K - you
     must know how to download an attached text file and then be able to
     open it with your word processor.  If in doubt, don't ask for this
     version.  This isn't for internet *newbies.* Better to order option 1
     and spend a few minutes pasting them into one whole text document
     with your word processor, than to waste hours trying to figure how
     to deal with this option.
3.  For more advanced Macintosh computer users: compressed attached
     text file, created with a Stuffit(tm) self-extracting archive (.sea),
      ~133K.  Can be decompressed by any Macintosh computer user; no
     special expansion software or knowledge of Stuffit (tm) needed.  You
     just double-click on the file icon and it automatically expands
     (unstuffs). This is for more advanced mac computer users only, as 
     you still have to know how to deal with an attached file.  It will cut 
     your download time by 75%.   Expands out to the same ~525K file in 
     option #2.  See option #2 for more info on what you will need to be 
     able to do.
4.  For expert computer users: compressed attached text file, created with
     Stuffit(tm),  ~114K.  Can be decompressed by any computer user who
     has expansion software to decompress (expand) Stuffit(tm) (.sit) files.
     This is for more advanced computer users only and will cut your
     download time by 78%.   Expands out to the same ~525K file in option
     #2.  See option #2 for more info on what you will need to be able to do.

Hi fellow 'netters,

My name is Sally Ann Ellison and I recently started using a magazine
subscription club in the USA that has a FREE 1 yr. magazine subscription deal
with your first paid order- and I have been very pleased with them.    They
have over 1,500 different USA titles that they can ship to any country on a
subscription basis.   As for computer magazines from the USA, they more of a
selection than I ever knew even existed.  They have magazines for most every
area of interest in their list of 1,500 titles.

Within the USA, for their USA members, they are cheaper than all their
competitors and even the publishers themselves.  This is their price

Overseas, on the average, they are generally around one-fourth to one-half of
what the newsstands overseas charge locally for USA magazines.  On some
titles they are as little as one-tenth of what the newsstands charge.  They
feel that mgazines should not be a luxury overseas.   In the USA, people buy
magazines and then toss them after reading them for just a few minutes or
hours.  They are so cheap in the USA!   Well, this company would like to make
it the same way for their overseas members.  They are also cheaper than all
their competitors in the USA and overseas, including the publishers
themselves!   This is their price guarantee.  Around one-half their business
comes from overseas, so they are very patient with new members who only speak
limited English as a 2nd language.

Their prices are so cheap because they deal direct with each publisher and
cut-out all the middlemen.

They will send you their DELUXE EMAIL CATALOGUE (around 525K-big and juicey)
!)...if you completely fill out the form above.  It has lists of all the
freebies, lists of all the titles they sell, titles broken down by categories
and detailed descriptions on nearly 1,200 of the titles that they sell.

Please do not email me as I am just a happy customer and a *busy* student.  I
don't have time to even complete my thesis in time, let alone run my
part-time software business!  Please fill out the above form and carefully
follow the intructions above to get it to them via fax or smail.

They guarantee to beat all their competitors' prices. Sometimes they are less
than half of the next best deal I have been able to find and other times,
just a little cheaper - but I have never found a lower rate yet.  They
assured me that if I ever do, they will beat it.  

They have been very helpful and helped me with all my address changes as I
haved moved from one country to another.

They have a deal where you can get a free 1 yr. sub to a new magazine from a
special list of over 295 popular titles published in the USA.   They will
give you this free 1 yr. sub when you place your first paid order with them
to a renewal or new subscription to any of the over 1,500 different popular
USA titles they sell.  

They can arrange delivery to virtually any country and I think they have
clients in around 45 or 46 countries now.  Outside the USA there is a charge
for FPH (foreign postage and handling) (on both paid and freebie subs) that
varies from magazine to magazine.  I have found their staff to be very
friendly and courteous.  They even helped me with an address change when I
moved from one country to another.
The owner thinks of his service as a "club" and his clients as "members"
(even though there is no extra fee to become a member - your first purchase
automatically makes you a member) and he is real picky about who he accepts
as a new member.   When he sets you up as a new member, he himself calls you
personally on the phone to explain how he works his deal, or sometimes he has
one of his assistants call.  He is kind of quirky sometimes - he insists on
setting up new members by phone so he can say hi to everyone (I sure wouldn't
want to have his phone bills!),  but you can place future orders (after your
first order) via E-mail.   

He has some really friendly young ladies working for him, who seem to know
just as much as he does about this magazine stuff.  If you live overseas, he
will even call you there, as long as you are interested, but I think he still
makes all his overseas calls on the weekends, I guess cause the long distance
rates are cheaper then.  

He only likes to take new members from referrals from satisfied existing
members and he does virtually no advertising.  When I got set-up, they had a
2-3 week waiting list for new members to be called back so that they could
join up. (Once you are an existing member, they help you immediately when you
call. )  I think they are able to get back to prospective new members  the
same day or within a few days now, as they have increased their staff.  I am
not sure about this.........but if you email the above form to them, that is
the way to get started!

They will send you their DELUXE EMAIL CATALOGUE (around 525K-big and juicey)
!)...if you completely fill out the form above.  It has lists of all the
freebies, lists of all the titles they sell, titles broken down by categories
and detailed descriptions on nearly 1,200 of the titles that they sell.

They then send you email  that outlines how his club works and the list of
free choices that you can choose from, as well as the entire list of what he
sells;  and then they will give you a quick (3-5 minute) friendly,
no-pressure no-obligation call to explain everything to you personally and
answer all your questions.

Once you get in, you'll love them. I do.


Sally Ann Ellison

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