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SERIOUS: High list volume...

To all the assembled patrons of the 'Rose does Uryene send greetings
while climbing up on a soapbox...

..it just doesn't feel right typing that 'SERIOUS:' thingy in front.

While I'm as guilty as any other in fomenting the Crockery Wars thread,
I don't think it's justifiable yet to start talking about spinning
off a new list just for 'frivolities'.

I understand and appreciate the concerns voiced about the number of
messages passed in the last couple of days, but please remember that
not more than a few (a couple?) of months ago when it was hosted on
Netcom, the List was pretty much in the grave, with only a little toe
sticking out.

Doesn't anyone remember that it was taking six DAYS for a message
to get delivered? 
(We're recreating the best of the Middle Ages; 
Period mail delivery times shouldn't be part of it!)

I think maybe a _little_ exuberance is in order.  No?
(Especially now that we can again discuss Henry's Ankles?)

Given a little time to readjust to being alive again, I think we'll
settle back into a reasonable mix of serious business and fun without
having to institute binding customs on Subject lines or adding
undue administrative burdens with separate lists.

[Stepping down]

In service,

Lance W. Day                       | Uryene de Wodeshende
lday@access.digex.net              | In the shadow of Ripon Cathedral
http://www.access.digex.net/~lday  | North Yorkshire, England  b.1363-?
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