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A Pennsic Anouncement.

		An anouncement from the Riders under the Winged Serpent:

			The Wake of Master Alron

	The farewell gathering to say good by to Master Alron Smith of
Carillion, known to most as Shadowmaker, will take place on the night of
 Aug. 13 Tues. in one of the A and S tents which has yet to be determined.
It will be a Mongel wake.  All who wish to say your final farewells are
invited to attend,

                    *THE SMITH OF CARILLION*

Fine blades he forged, both keen and bright,
That caught every lord's desire,
Strong blades known for their edge and might,
That were blessed by dragon's fire.

A gift he gave to me one War:
My Battle Knife, that keen edged one,
He shared with me his marital lore.
We parted, and he called me son.

His iron hammer will not ring
While shaping blades upon the stone,
No longer will his anvil sing;
Alron the smith has gone alone.

Where has the Shadowmaker gone?
Alron the smith has passed beyond.

                         Wolf of Ulster

thank you for your time...

Shaun the Clannless, a Rider under the Winged Serpent.
aka Lord Xaviar the Eccentric...

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