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DISCUSS: Re[2]: MERRYROSE: List Explosion Suggestion

     Ld. Henry wrote:
     [previous body snipped to save space]
The most effective way that I can see remains that of breaking Atlantia 
list into three basic categories:
Persons who think 200 messages per day is all in good fun can subscribe 
to all three. Persons who think that 10-20 messages per day is better can 
take announce and discuss. And people who just want news can just take 
announce, with a traffic count of maybe 3 per day, tops.
I can tell you that, irrespective of flying crockery, we are losing large 
numbers of folks who presently want _just_ the announcements and can't 
get them without listening to us talk about period chocolate or 
principalities. We ought to try to serve their needs.

[Best suggestion on this problem that I've heard so far.  There's no need to 
make another list at Calli's expense, just that people be conscientious enough 
to put 




as the first word of their subject line.  

It works for me and I'm more than willing to implement this immediately.

J. Blackbow

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