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Re: Need SCA Contact

On Sun, 2 Jun 1996, Michael Surbrook wrote:

> I have a friend, who has a friend (etc), in Phoneix, Arizona who would
> like to contact local SCA people.  Can anyone help me with this?
> Michael Limner, esq.

in standard style
here's your data 
hope it of use

Good luck your friend in his new home

Atenveldt: southern Idaho, Utah, Western Colorado and Wyoming, Montana, 
Maintained by Nikolai Arkadyovich <michael@xph029.oscs.montana.edu> 

however he will be in the Principality of the sun in the
Barony of Atenveldt (Central Metro Phoenix) 

there is also
Barony of Twin Moons (East Metro Phoenix) mrtmh@primenet.com

and THE BARONY OF SUNDRAGON west metro phoenix
Seneshal can be contacted at:
3758 W. Angela Dr
Glendale, AZ 85308
(602) 780-4125

contacts for barony of atenvelt are are

I figure this will enough to get your friend in touch with whomever they 
would like

      Baron of Ateveldt - Baron Master Robin Huxley of Land's End - Dan 
Anderson -
      (602) 258-3914 
      Baroness of Atenveldt - Baroness Mistress Penelope DoWell of 
Avonsford - JoAnn
      Trapp - (602) 258-2250 
      Seneschal (Acting) - Lady Ealasaid Nhic Shuibhne - Mary Jenkins 
(602) 936-6481 
      Chancellor of the Exchequer - Lady Una Eadgyth Eastmund - Lauree 
Yoffe - (602)
      Twin Palm Pursuivant - Lady Morgaine ferch Rhys ap Gruffydd - Marianne
      McElroy - (602) 649-2560 
      Minister of Arts and Sciences - Baroness Isabel du lac D'Azur - 
Debbie Wantland
      - (602) 404-8375 
      Chronicler (Acting) - Master Richard Omrisson - Richard Ingram - (602)
Knight Marshal - Master Sylvanus of Sutherland - David Moore - (602) 873-1707
      Light Weapons Marshal - THL Roderick the Sly - Bob McClure - (602) 
      Shinai Marshal - Lord Kort Thorfinn Redfern - Andrew Wise - (602) 
      Chirurgeon - Ciet the Healer - Catherine McLoud - (602) 486-0897 
      Sheriff - Lady Catriona Katla - Dawn Sharpe - (602) 844-2855 
      Scribe - Lord Gwyn O'Glan Y Mor - Kyle Hodo - (602) 229-1065 
      Chatelaine - Lady Katerina of Otford - Karin McShane - (602) 
      Book Reeve - Lady Alexandra Kettilaug of Kastleholm - Sandy Turner 
- (602)
      Hospitaler - Lady Shandar 
      Lists Minister - Lady Diane de Domremy - Diana Jones 
      Minister of Music - Lady Meraud de Borlea - Susan Tucker - (602) 
      Dance Minister - Lady Sarah Douglas - Sally Morton - (602) 336-9646 
      Hostorians Guild - THL Fiona Gwyllt Wynne - Verna Ramondino - (602)
      Performing Arts Guild - Lady Linotte de Lamaitre - Diana Alger - 
(602) 279-3163
      Culinary Guild - Dame Jocelyn Douglass of Fairfax - Josi Ingram - (602)
      Youth Chancellor - Baron Corwin de Harfleur - Bob Crowley 
      Merchant Autocrat - THL Magdelena MacLellan - Maggie Barker - (602)
      Encanto Park Liaison (Acting) - Lady Ealasaid Nhic Shuibhne - Mary 
      (602) 936-6481 
      Keeper of the Regalia - Lord Thoma Von Tubingen - Thomas Adkins - (602)
      Demo Coordinator - Lady Catlin Lindsay - Joy Tucker - 266-5466 

Facts About The Barony of Atenveldt

      Includes central metropolitan Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona, with 
a mundane
      population of over one million. 
      Paid Society for Creative Anachronism membership estimated at over 
      Founded in Anno Societatus III (1969 Gregorian) while still a part 
of the Kingdom of
      the West. 
      Bordered by the Baronies of Sun Dragon (on the west) and Twin Moons 
(on the
      Part of the Principality of the Sun and the Kingdom of Atenveldt. 
      Fighter practices are held every Wednesday night, from 7 PM to 10 
PM, on the
      soccer field at Encanto Park, in Phoenix. 
      Court and Tourney nights are the last Wednesday of each month, with 
Youth Court
      and Tourney on the second Wednesday. 
      Officer meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month, at 7 
PM, at the
      Encanto Park Clubhouse. 

as always its a pleasure to help

There can be only juan!
                         <100% columbian coffee> 
Eric Jon Campbell Sr Textile Engineering at NCSU
(alias) Xavier Campbell amateur blacksmith and brewer

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