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Re: John the Ranger (fwd)

* "'Cause I'm the god of destruction, that's why!" - Susano Orbatos,Orion * 
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---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Fri, 31 May 1996 15:56:04 -0400 (EDT)
From: Otelio Sye Randall II 6438 <randallt@skycell.com>
To: susano@access.digex.net
Subject: Re: John the Ranger

>>susano@access.digex.net wrote:
>>>(I like the perminant castle that I understand is being
>>>erected at Gulf War, but where could one be built in Atlantia?)
>>Lord John the Ranger, the man in charge of Camp T. Brady Saunders, *
>>reeeeealy* wants to build a castle, complete with moat, in the new part of
>>the camp they acquired recently.
>>That, along with a MUCH bigger feast hall and more parking, will hopefully
>>be completed by 1999.
>>        - Anarra

Is there a way I can get ahold of him?  Although I live way up here in Ponte
Alto, I'd be more than happy to load my shopsmith equipment on the truck and
drive down there to pitch in and help!!!!!

If you can find baroness Misty, please tell her I had tons of fun doing the
auction with her at Emerald.  If she needs an auctioneer again, I'll gladly
volunteer again (as long as noone puts lavender in my face again!)

Boroghul Khara
randallt@skycell.com or boroghul@dcez.com
(202) 723-5637 703-569-9743 (Lady Aislynn Fyrlocc's house...my weekend home) or
(703) 758-6438 my work number.

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