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Re: Become a newsgroup

> 2) You can create a moderated newsgroup.
> 3) See #2.
> 4) See #2.

Moderation is not a good idea for most groups--it works great for low-volume 
announcement groups, but not for high-traffic discussion groups.  A moderator 
for the Merry Rose would have a lot of work to do.  Worse, he or she would 
attract lots of bile, as some people would bitch about having their posts 
censored, and other people would bitch about some of the posts that got 

What the East has is two lists, a moderated one for announcements and an open 
one for everything else.  It works reasonably well--though even the open list 
is nowhere near as active as the resurgent Merry Rose.  In Atlantia, it might 
turn out to be necessary to go for three lists--announcements, serious 
discussion, and silliness--but I hope not; it'd be a pain.

The big problem with becoming a newsgroup is that everybody in the world would 
suddenly see us listed in their group list, and we'd start picking up a lot 
more interference.  100 msgs/day is nothing for a moderately healthy 
newsgroup.  (Oh, and moderation is not as effective on a newsgroup as on a 
mailing list--the authentication required for a newsgroup can be forged.)

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