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Re: Become a newsgroup

On Sun, 2 Jun 1996, John Francis Stracke wrote:

> > 2) You can create a moderated newsgroup.
> > 3) See #2.
> > 4) See #2.
> Moderation is not a good idea for most groups--it works great for low-volume 
> announcement groups, but not for high-traffic discussion groups.  A moderator 
> for the Merry Rose would have a lot of work to do.  Worse, he or she would 
> attract lots of bile, as some people would bitch about having their posts 
> censored, and other people would bitch about some of the posts that got 
> through.

This is very, very true.  As one of the moderators of a high-traffic 
group, I can say that it takes a LOT of effort to make it work.  And the 
complaints from both sides are indeed there.  But if someone feels it is 
worth the work, go for it.  I don't think it is necessary if we decide on 
ground rules and show some consideration.  I'm subscribed to the list 
primarily to get information.  The social interaction was a nice side 
benefit but the whole bar fight thing was too much for me(note: this is 
_my_ opinion).  

I'm very distressed by the discourteous attitude that I've seen.  Some 
people seem to be telling others that if they can't take the load, get 
off the list instead of trying to come to a compromise of some sort about 
list usage.  Not everyone uses the same mail software, so making 
assumptions based on your own particular mail software is not realistic 
and can be quite insulting(the whole "I can do this, so why are you 
whining" thing that I saw in a previous post).  Keep in mind that we have 
widely varying computer abilities(whether due to experience, hardware or 
software) and a little tolerance would not hurt.  When the list 
first started, it's stated purpose was to provide a way of communication 
between the different parts of the kingdom.  The type of 
communication(social, information, etc) was left open.  I have enjoyed 
the songs, stories and poems that have been shared in the Merry Rose.  I 
have also appreciated the scholarly information that has been passed 
along as well as information about events and so forth.  There was room 
for everything.  That time seems to have passed.  I think the solution 
may be to have two lists, one for general stuff and one for the tavern.  
I don't think Kendrick should have to administer two lists.  I would hope 
that some one with a vested interest should volunteer(Jonathan?).  

Good luck to all.  I will drop by from time to time to raise a glass and 
hear a bit of news.  


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