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Re: Atlantia Newsgroup

Achbar writes:

> There is a SCA group in Austin with it's own Newsgroup.   It is 
> working well for them. I would have no trouble in trying it.

This may work well for some folks, but it wouldn't for me, mainly because
the newsfeed overseas is so flaky as to be almost useless.  Yes, I have
complained to my sys admin, but due to the large number of networks
through which this stuff passes on it's way to me, there's often not much
the local folks here can do about it.  Usenet news to most of Scotland can
be interrupted when the server at Strathclyde takes a dive, and if
Newcastle (the stop before Strathclyde) goes down, service to all north
Britain stops.  Even when the servers are all (theoretically) working, the
newsfeed is frequently patchy, late, and incomplete.  Moving the Merry
Rose to a newsgroup would do me no good at all.  I know I'm one person and
possibly the only one on this list who's coping with the trans-Atlantic
problem, but this is nevertheless an issue. 

Stephanie M. Thorson			*  SCA: Lady Alianora Munro
University of St Andrews		*  
St Andrews, Scotland			*  Clan White Wing
email smt2@st-andrews.ac.uk		*  Tarkhan, Khanate Red Lion
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