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DISC: RE: Possible Subject Demarcations for sifting the mail

Greetings fellow Rosettes,

I find these headers very reasonable and shall strive to use them. :) 
On the subject of the vast amount of mail being received, I believe this
is due to the heady feeling we all are having at being able to send and
receive replies so quickly, after so long a time of draught.  I believe
that this will slow down after the initial heady rush.

Gawain Kilgore
>From: 	Heather Swann[SMTP:swann@intercon.com]
>	After reading the various comments, I would like to vote for this 
>	"info:" for exchanging info on sources, books, documentation
>	"event:" for directions, schedules, and event information
>	"banter:" for virtual tavern activities and brawling
>	"disc:" for a general discussion of Kingdom information
>That would cut down on the sorting you have to do, and the keys you
>have to type to delineate the subject.  <snip>
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