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more waste bandwidth

Greetings good gentles,

I am in a word creastfallen, for several reasons, to wit.

How often in the past year have we had a flood of postings like the last few
days.  Although the rose has been extremely active the last few days, a
hundred postings a day does not happen very often.  Is this really such a
big problem.

What is the point of creating a metaphor of the Merry Rose and the Cheapside
if all you are going to use it for posting annoucements.  Most of the fun
for me is the mixture.

Someone want to explain to me how defining the subjects is going to reduce
the bandwidth or the load on the various corparate servers around the world.
Instead of having 200 email messages, you will now have 200 well defined
email messages.  If we are flooding someones mailbox, definitions will not
fix this.

The point I am belaboring to make is, if you want cut out some of the
bandwidth, exactly what do we cut.  I vote we cut out rapier and any to do
with heraldry.  Some one else would cut out poetry or archery or anything
written by J.Blackbow ;). Folks this is just the nature of a popular list
whenever you have a large deverse group.  One woman's spam is another man's
fun.  Censorship is not the answer.  And before you say I missed your point.
I know most of the people were not putting forth censorship, but
thoughtfulness and there are a lot of small things that can be done to
reduce, but don't miss my point, I like the Merry Rose the way it is,

IMHO having to sort through a bunch e-mail to get the handful of messages
that I want to read, is the price of doing business on the Rose. 

Finally, I can tell you that this tread has had one effect, there are a lot
of lurkers and semi-lurkers that will never post, they will never share,
because they will be worried that what they have to say won't be important
and someone will think that they are wasting bandwidth and the Rose will
suffer because of it.
Eoghan mac Ailpein, Proto-Highlander Mid-800's
Elvegast, Windmaster's Hill, Atlantia         
mka  Gene Bonar	 grb@fns.com  9191 772 1112   
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