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Re: more waste bandwidth

On Mon, 3 Jun 1996, Gene Bonar wrote:

> Greetings good gentles,
> hundred postings a day does not happen very often.  Is this really such a
> big problem.

Yes, it is. Some of us depend on our e-mail accounts for our jobs and 
livelihoods. An important message that I delete in my haste to rid 
myself of unwanted mail could be very costly to me. 
> Someone want to explain to me how defining the subjects is going to reduce
> the bandwidth or the load on the various corparate servers around the world.
> Instead of having 200 email messages, you will now have 200 well defined
> email messages.  If we are flooding someones mailbox, definitions will not
> fix this.

This is very true. However, if posts are well labeled it gives those of 
us who do not have time to read every post the ability to make intelligent 
decisions about what to read and what not to. If the problem is that the
volume of mail is overruning peoples' quotas, there is little option for these 
people aside from getting off the list. Even a digest won't fix that 
problem. There is a BIG difference in my book between "200 well defined 
email messages" and 200 posts that I have to take the time to read before 
I can decide whether or not they are worthwhile.
> fun.  Censorship is not the answer.  And before you say I missed your point.

You're right, it isn't. There is no easy, simple cure-all. On the other 
hand, if people would label their posts in a quickly understandable way, 
it would go a good distance towards making this list more readable. 

> IMHO having to sort through a bunch e-mail to get the handful of messages
> that I want to read, is the price of doing business on the Rose. 

If that is true, I'm afraid you're going to lose an awful lot of people 
who would very happily stay on this list if people could only label their 
posts appropriately. I'm not asking that people only post things that I'd 
like to read, just that they would use the subject line so as to keep me 
from having to read every post. 


Lochlan MacCrimmon
mka Daniel Bell
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