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Kitchen sinks and other weird matters:

Lord Yaakov, I believe at University you asked if I was the author of this:

> > 
> > > > Breakable, my ass! 
> > > >      [kitchen sink sails overhead] 
> > >  
> [Muffled crash and startled yell from outside the Merry Rose]
> Uryene pokes his head inside and with a not-very-believable 
> menacing scowl says:
> Excuse me for interrupting your discourse, fine patrons of the Rose, but
> would someone mind asking the would-be Hercules to set aside his ale and
> marshmallows for a moment to extract this sink from my cart?
> While it's an excellent and fetching sink,
> the proprietors have better use for it, I think.
> Such as fixing a meal
> Using the leftover Emerald veal.
> Some of which I intend to have on my way back from market,
> When I stop in this eve'n at the bar to sit... and park it.
> [Ducking the remaining kitchen utensils as they whip my way...]
> =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=+=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=--=-=-=-=
> Lance W. Day                       | Uryene de Wodeshende

The answer is NOPE, I am neither Lance W. Day nor Uryene de Wodeshende, 
but rather Lance A. Harrop and Leifr Johansson.

Sorry if there was any confusion.

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