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Pas d'Armes @ Pennsic (fwd)

I am forwarding this on behalf of my friend and colleague, Baron Steffan ap
Cennydd of Silverwing.  I apologize if you accidentally receive a duplicate.

This is a note he sent to the Heralds Mailing list.

I'd urge you to make special effort to attend such a Pas d'Armes as you are
about to be invited to.  I attended last years, and it was, without doubt, one
of the most worthwhile experiences I have had in the Society.


Forwarded message:
  Noble and Learned Cousins:
  Many of you will recall the Pas des Sept Travaux which was
  held at Pennsic last year by the various tourneying companies of the
  known world, and the challenge issued to my redoubted lord Sir Rhys of
  Harlech for a tournament to be held this year entirely in accordance
  with the instructions left us by King Rene d'Anjou in his Book of the
  The Company of St. Michael the Defender seeks your aid in making this
  tourney known to those who would participate. We ask a small thing: that
  you announce the following at such events as you may attend this summer.
  There are several things we ask in connection with this:
  (a) do not do this in tabard, without the permission of your leige
  (b) do not abridge or amend the wording of this announcement
  (c) have available the address of Sir Rhys [at the end of the announcement]
  so that those interested may contact him for further information.
  Thereby will you gain good exercise in our noble art, and this great
  tournament will be made known to all, for it is beyond the power of the
  heralds of the Company to travel personally to the corners of the thirteen
  kingdoms. And we will be greatly in your debt if you do this. The
  announcement follows....

  Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye!  Let all kings, princes, dukes, counts, knights,
  squires and gentlemen of arms of the kingdoms of the East, Middle, Atlantia,
  [Insert your kingdom here], and of all others of the Knowne Worlde, who are
  not banished or enemies of the king, our lord, may God save him, know that
  on the 13th and 14th days of August at the great Pennsic War there will be a
  very great festival of arms and a very noble tourney with weapons of peace
  as is the ancient custom;
  Of which tourney the captains are the very noble and powerful knights and my
  very redoubted lords Sir Crinen Lionel Rengarth appellant and Count Rhys of
  Harlech defendant;
  And to make this better known, all kings, princes, dukes, counts, knights,
  squires and gentlemen of arms of the above kingdoms, and all others from
  whatsoever kingdoms they come, not banished or enemies of the king, our
  lord, who wish to tourney to acquire honor may ask of me when I have
  finished how they may learn more of this noble and honorable deed of arms.
  And at the tourney there will be noble and rich prizes given by ladies and
  Moreover, I announce to all of you kings, princes, dukes, counts, knights,
  squires and gentlemen of arms who intend to participate in the tourney that
  you should come to the Pennsic barn the 11th day of August, that being
  Monday, and display your helms and arms on pain of not being able to
  participate; and I tell you this on behalf of my lords the judges, so please
  excuse me.  And on the Tuesday after, in the afternoon, there will be held a
  great tournament at the barrier, and on Wednesday there will be jousts of
  single combat, also with weapons of peace, and all those may come to the
  joust who impress the judges in the tournament
   [NB:  Give anyone with questions the information listed below so they can
  contact me for more information.]
  Count Rhys of Harlech, KSCA
  mka Hugh T. Knight, Jr.
  610-882-7207 (day)
  610-770-1582 (evening)
  Camped next to East Kingdom Royal
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