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Greetings one and all from Lady Rhiannon, Nereid Herald!!!

Just to throw my two cents in...here is the schedule for the heraldry tract!

9:00  Vocal Survival - Lady Rhiannon Ui Niall
10:00 Role of the Medieval Herald - Baroness Eliska Alesandrovna
11:00 Introduction to Basic Heraldry - Baron Peter Hawkyns
12:00 Lunch
1:00 SCA Rules for Choosing a Name - Lady Rhiannon Ui Niall/Master Bran
2:00 Canting Arms - Baron Peter Hawkyns
3:00 Designing Arms for Non-Heraldic Cultures - Baroness Eliska Alesandrovna
4:00 History of Sacred Stone - Baroness Susan Douglas of Andover
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