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Unto the populous of Atlantia and the members of the Merry Rose do I send a fond greetings.

After His Highness's gracious post, I guess I had better get this info online now before I end up housing any more folks. I would never gainsay His Highness and if he states that I will house 50 or so, then by all means it will be done. I, personally didn't know we had THAT many people IN this kingdom that could sleep while standing up.

Here is the class schedule for the collegium side of the event:

Track 1
9:00	Site of the Merry Rose
10:00	Leather Bottles and Goblets
11:00	Autocrating 101
12:00	Lunch
1:00	Sewing in the SCA
3:00	Quick and Easy Garb
4:00	Scottish Kilts made easy

Track 2
9:00	Block Printing Demonstration
10:00	Combat Archery 101
11:00	Japanese Archery
12:00	Lunch
1:00	Marshaling an Archery Range
2:00	Laid Couch Embroidery
3:00	Planning Activities for Kids
4:00	Medieval Herb Garden

Track 3
9:00	Beginning Recorder
10:00	Period Rounds
11:00	Weaving with an Inkle Loom
12:00	Lunch
1:00	Make your own Banner
2:00	Period Poetry
3:00	Introduction to Pennsic
4:00	Feasts for special Diets

Track 4
9:00	Scriptorium opens
3:00	Book Binding
4:00	Embroidered Book Covers

Track 5
9:00	Heraldry Track
4:00	History of Sacred Stone

As for the fighting side of the event, there will be an early bird tourney for any brave warriors that venture out that early in the morning (the tourney will begin promptly at 9:00 am) and the prize will be 25 silver coins, each minted with the face of Susan B Anthony.

The beating of Seamus will begin promptly at 10:00 am for those so inclined to do so and if it's His Highness's wish, well......sorry Seamus.

The site will close promptly at 5:00 and there will be a post revel at my place providing that's OK with the 50 people that are to be staying there at the Royal Prince's command. I do believe His Highness DID agree to have all 50 folks over for Breakfast the next morning at around 6:30 am. How wonderful our new Prince's Largess is!!! And if any of you have cats, feel free to take advantage of his Feline Sitter Service. Also Armor repairs will be able to be made at his house up to 3:00 AM as he has many wonderful power tools at your disposal. Coincidentally HER Highness's progress has recently altered so as NOT to include our event and with His Highnesses grand offers, may not even be in the state!

Vivat their Highnesses!!!!!!!!!!!

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