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Re: Seneschal's July Acorn Letter

unto the merry rose, from melys, greetings!

before we all rise up in arms, waving the banner of resistance to tyrants
and death to all who would enslave us, perhaps we ought to consider that
we have heard exactly one side of what is obviously a complex and
multi-faceted story here.  master thomas feels that sedalia acted wrongly
in not renewing his warrant, and there are many who obviously agree with
him.  but on what grounds CAN one agree with him, at this point?  

to deny renewal of a warrant is NOT an action i can imagine any officer,
especially the society seneschal with regard to a long-standing and
popular kingdom officer, undertaking lightly.  i'm not defending
sedalia's reasons for removing him - i don't know what her reasons were,
and therefore can't judge whether or not i consider them defensible. 

HOWEVER.  neither am i willing to condemn them, when my only report of
them comes from an involved (and therefore necessarily biased) party.  one
regrettable result of the Late Unpleasantness is a knee-jerk tendency to
point fingers and blame the BoD and associated Society-level officers
whenever anything involving them goes is resolved in a manner unfavorable
to the owner of the finger. i've heard claims of BoDly disfavor from both
sides of the caer mear situation - the BoD is in a catch-22, at this
point.  they only got called in when feathers are already ruffled, and
they're in the perfect position to catch it from both sides.

i have no doubt that master thomas FEELS he has been wronged.  and i
freely admit that there is a POSSIBILITY that he - and we, as a kingdom -
have been wronged.  but such a things aren't proven by one letter from one
considering himself the injured party.  if the society seneschal's refusal
to renew him points out a flaw in the system, then by all means we should
address the system, the flaw, and how to fix it.  if her actions are
unjustified, then there needs to be a process by which they can be
overturned.  those are big ifs, folks, and i'm darn certain i don't want
/ am not qualified to be the one who makes that kind of decision. 

do we REALLY want to get into this mud-slinging match?  "he called me a
lame duck!" "she (allegedly) said we were dysfunctional!"  this
situation's antecedents have already factionalized and polarized caer mear
- i've seen it happening over the past few months, and i don't even LIVE
there.  i have dear friends who consider each other evil incarnate over
this, and i do NOT want to see that happening on a kingdom - or
inter-kingdom - level.

no solutions, no ideas, just a (probably futile) plea for level-headed
information gathering as we start down the spiral... 

						in service,


lisa@technomancer.com		lasciate ogni speranza, voi ch'intrate!

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