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Re: Seneschal's July Acorn Letter

Greetings, all and most especially Master Thomas.

>...the lame-duck Society Seneschale, Duchess Sedalia MacNare, called to 
>inform me that because I had not characterized the Barony of Caer Mear 
>as dysfunctional that She would not renew my warrant as Atlantian 

In my opinion, the only thing which should be characterized as 
dysfunctional is Sedalia...and perhaps the BoD for refusing to review 
the decision.

Master Thomas please reconsider. If Fritz has the right of appeal, I 
would think the same is true for the Kingdom Seneschal of Atlantia.

I realize the price of the asking. Defying Sedalia leaves Atlantia 
without a Seneschal...no Seneschal, no Kingdom. I would also have to 
assume that the Crown would back you in such an endeavor...and perhaps 
they do not.

It can be said that there is honor in acceptance and honor in the fight. 
In my opinion, here, the greater honor is in the fight...and you shall 
never stand alone in fighting tyrants.

Sincerest regards,

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