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Re: Seneschal's July Acorn Letter

	I am in total agreement with Lady Anarra on this matter.  Master 
Thomas, I urge you to reconsider.  It may or may not work, but I urge 
everyone on this list to e-mail some for of protest to our Society 
Seneschal and the Chairman of the BoD.  This is inexcuseable and childish 
and should not be permitted to happen.  Allowing on person to weild this 
much power is absurd, and to be allow to dismiss someone without a 
legitimate excuse is even more so.  I have not had the honor of meeting 
Master Thomas in person, but in our brief e-mail exchanges he has been 
more than helpful in the establishment of our group.  I am forced to 
wonder, if this injustice is allowed to be carried through, what will 
come next?  Is this truly the SCA we want to have?  


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