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Re: Seneschal's July Acorn Letter

Master Thomas Smyth of Ayr wrote:
>   A number of Atlantians have asked what's going on regarding the 
>Kingdom Seneschal's position. I'm posting my final Acorn letter to give 
>you my best perception of what's happening.

I am writing this as a private citizen of Caer Mear, not as deputy MOAS nor
as autocrat of Emerald Joust - only as a concerned person.

The actions Sedalia and the Board wish to take against Master Thomas must be

Neither we nor any other kingdom should allow them to remove (or not renew
the warrant) of any kingdom officer for any reason unless it is stated and
for just cause.  "Not acknowledging that a group is dysfunctional" is not,
in my opinion, just and stated cause, even if the group WERE dysfunctional (
which, again in my opinion, Caer Mear is not!).

Groups all over the SCA have problems with personality conflicts.  Some of
those conflicts escalate to the BoD. Is the Society Seneschal to have the
power to not renew the warrant of any Kingdom Seneschal who's actions she or
he disagrees with?  With no power of appeal to the Board of Directors?  This
is ludicrous!

Will the other Society officers have the power to not renew the warrant of
any other Kingdom officer with whom they disagree?  Where would this kind of
power end?

The telephone numbers and e-mail addresses of Duchess Sedalia and the Board
of Directors are in the back of every Acorn.  Please use them to express
your opinions of this matter.

I urge Master Thomas to reconsider his resignation.  I urge King Galmr and
Queen Katharina to reconsider accepting it.  Let not Atlantia be the Kingdom
to give precedence to the Society Seneschal exercising a power she should
not have.


Lady Anarra Karlsdottir

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