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Re: Info: Locks

On Mon, 3 Jun 1996, Michael Surbrook wrote:

> I am interested in information pertaining to the design and construction
> of period locks.  Any suggestions?

Well, I happen to have made a number of period locks, some chest locks, 
some pad locks. I've worked with stuff from the 10th century or so upto 
and around the 14th. Are you looking for information on how to get one, 
how to make one, what would be appropriate?? While there are certain 
techniques and technologies that stay constant for a hundred 
years, there is quite a bit of differece over 400. (Actually, some 
designs for period padlocks were used up until at least the colonial period.)

I have found 'Object and Economy in Medieval Winchester', chapter 9 to 
be a very useful source. Ian H. Goodall is a virtual guru of medieval 
iron and metal work, anything by him is worth a look (although most of it 
is in English journals). Most of the stuff I have is northern European, 
while the mechanisms are probably similar in most later periods, the 
style and construction might change a bit from place to place on the 

You'll find that the later the period, the greater the number of 
surviving examples. And watch out, chests can be dated by woodgrain, 
style, etc., but a lock can be added a hundred years later. They don't 
usually dated the lock on its own.

If you want more specific info., just let me know.

Thorvald Hrafnsson
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