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Unto the patrons of the Merry Rose from His Royal Highness Logan 
Ebonwoulfe (please note the spelling) Crown Prince of Atlantia

Our canton of the Guardians of the Sacred Stone will once again be 
hosting Auxillium et Concillium (war and peace) on the 15th of June here 
in Charlotte.  Please disregard the location listing on the inside cover 
of the Acorn as it is incorrect.  The event is not in Kings Mountain but 
rather at Smith Middle School on Tyvola Road just off I-77.  The flyer 
has all the correct information so please refer to it.  Classes will be 
held all day and the event is FREE!  Lord Micheal Ryan of York WILL BE 
posting a complete class schedule here SOON so watch for it.  We will be 
having fighting all day with authorizations lasting all day as well.  We 
will start with an early bird tourney to begin at 9 am.  Following the 
tourney we will be doing endless melee and team scenarios.  We will also 
do broken field, breach, bridge, fortification, bear pits, warlord 
tourneys and the like. Beating on Seamus will be encouraged as he is over 
my shoulder running his itty bitty mouth.  There will be a lunch offered 
for a small fee and very large donations are encouraged as these will be 
donated to the Kingdom coffers.  Crash space will be provided for anyone 
who needs it. The first 50 or so will be sent to Micheal Ryan's house and 
he has already said that you won't have to clean up after yourselves.  
For more information, other than class schedules as they will be here 
later, contact either Lord Micheal Ryan at jackhe@vnet.net or Her 
Highness Arielle or Myself at logan123@charlotte.infi.net  

See you there

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