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ATL:Enough Background, Thanks!

Good Gentles!

Thank you to everyone who filled me in on the questions raised by Master
Thomas' letter.  The best advice I got was not to base my decision to
rejoin SCA or not on politics, but on other things.  I'm going to take
that advice and drop this matter.

I still have one burning question, which was answered by one respondent. 
I left the SCA in large part because I am a female who is playing a male
persona, and some of the local members seem to take it as a point of
honor to call me My Lady instead of My Lord, despite being informed that
I am playing a male persona.  It sucks the fun right out of the day, to
say nothing of what it does to the magic.

One gentle responded that the SCA does not permit same-sex consorts.  I
assume he means for the Crown, in which I have no interest. (My rattan
days ended soon after I got here and found y'all hit WAY harder than we
did up North where I learned.  I can't risk my hands for glory--I
support a family.  I'll fight rapier, if at all.)

I still don't how our family will be received.  May I get some response
from those in the Marinus Tyr Y Don area?  Would you acknowledge a male
persona?  I pull it off pretty well, judging from how many times I'm
called "Sir" in mundanes.

Thank you again for your gentle replies to my questions.  I must admit
that my interest in re-joining SCA was prompted in large part from
lurking on this list and seeing how truly gentle so many of you are.


Sir Lyon/Will O'Bryan
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