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Re Female with Male persona (Was: Enough background...

On Mon, 3 Jun 1996, Lisa Z. Morgan wrote:

> Good Gentles!
> I still have one burning question, which was answered by one respondent. 
> I left the SCA in large part because I am a female who is playing a male
> persona, and some of the local members seem to take it as a point of
> honor to call me My Lady instead of My Lord, despite being informed that
> I am playing a male persona.  It sucks the fun right out of the day, to
> say nothing of what it does to the magic.
This puts me in mind of an instance in which the local members did quite
the opposite.  It was a Town Fair in Isenfir, one of Lord Henry Best's
events, in which Lady Siobhan played a young French lord.  (Using duct
tape to restrain her bosom -- ouch! -- and a pourpoint with a flare at the
bottom to confuse the other obvious gender difference.)  She did such a
good job that I had to look twice before I realized why this stranger
gentleman reminded me of a dear friend.

Well, one of the shticks at this fair was the presence of swaggering
bravoes who would have at one another on any pretext, and we were in the
Inn of the Flaming Dragon when a pair of them out with their rapiers and
fell to it.  Siobhan instinctively came to my side for safety.  (Maybe you
don't think I relish _that_ memory!)  I slipped an arm around her waist

The innkeeper promptly called the Civic Guards and gave me in charge as a
practitioner of the abominable vice against nature.

|---------Master Vuong Manh, C.P., Storvik, Atlantia---------|
|Now, let's stop and think: how would Bugs Bunny handle this?|

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