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Re: Female with Male persona

My Good Master Vuong Manh:

Thank you for the cheerful tale! (Do you know, I still haven;t heard one
bad word spoken about Isenfir, ever...I simply must spend more time with
those folks.)

I once wen to an event in Carolingia as my own son, complete with beard,
breast binind, and, because my tunic was so short, strategically placed
sock.  I spoke with my own knight in bright light for nearly five
minutes, and he didn't recognize me until I reverted to my natural

I generally do not go to such extremes of costume anymore.  My body
language and mannerisms are very butch, my manners obviously those of a
gentleman.  [I am often called "Sir" mundanely, even in a tee shirt
which makes my gender very obvious.  Like a tone-deaf fellow who
inherited a Stradivarius, God has blessed me with abundance in areas
where I have no interest in it.  Not on me, anyway.  :-) ]  It suffices.

The response to this question has been very positive, and we have decided
to rejoin the SCA in addition to our Alairian activities.  My wife will
be Queen of Alairia next year, so that will have to have precedence in
time and budget, but look to see us around.

Anyone in our area want to teach me rapier?  I've got a solid background
in the broadsword/shortsword combination and some ancient experience
with foil and sabre, and I was maybe hoping I could qualify by Pennsic. 
What odds, gentles?


Lyon FilsHenri
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