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Re: ATL:Enough Background, Thanks!

  I still have one burning question, which was answered by one respondent. 
  I left the SCA in large part because I am a female who is playing a male
  persona, and some of the local members seem to take it as a point of
  honor to call me My Lady instead of My Lord, despite being informed that
  I am playing a male persona.  It sucks the fun right out of the day, to
  say nothing of what it does to the magic.

While not at all local, I'd point out that there are no rules on the gender
that you play, and there are even research books on trans-gender dress in

Which doesn't mean that you won't bump into Mrs. Grundy, even in the Society.

Around here in Carolingia, Messieur Jehan du Lac is Catherine I.
While some "error" creeps in, Jehan presumes that you simply don't speak
French well enough, if you get the gender incorrect.  Of course, foreigners
rarely do speak anything like good French.  If I err (and I approve heartily
of both Jehan and Catherine, yet I do err), a sometimes pointed reference to
Madam Tibor get's the message across.

I'd also remark that Jehan/Catherine holds the King's Order of Excellence for
authenticity and knowledge, and convincing persona.

	Tibor (Of course, Jehan's spirit gummed goatee helps clarify.)
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