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Re: ATL:Enough Background, Thanks!

     [beginning message body cut to save space]
I still don't how our family will be received.  May I get some response 
from those in the Marinus Tyr Y Don area?  Would you acknowledge a male 
persona?  I pull it off pretty well, judging from how many times I'm 
called "Sir" in mundanes.
Thank you again for your gentle replies to my questions.  I must admit 
that my interest in re-joining SCA was prompted in large part from 
lurking on this list and seeing how truly gentle so many of you are.
Sir Lyon/Will O'Bryan

        [I'm sure that many people will recall that male actors were 
frequently forced to play female parts as medieval time progressed...

Speaking from observation, milord, I suspect that if you introduce yourself as 
Lord Whatever, that you will thereafter be addressed as Lord Whatever unless 
you change that.  ]
(Of course, another option would be to find a medieval name that doesn't 
automatically reveal gender, sort of like the mundane Pat or Jesse...then you 
could not tell them anything, and take offense either way!)

Jonathan Blackbow

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