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Re: Instead of being in a play...

Alfredo writes (possibly with tongue in cheek, but it's hard to tell):
> Annejke writes, in re "Are you in a play?"
> > My husband, Lord Charles of the Red Oaks, usually answers this with:
> > "Yes, I am in a play, West Side Story", and he has not had a person
> > who didn't believe him!
> This is not so incredible.  I actually attended a production of
> "West Side Story" where the director had decided (for whatever
> reason) to transfer the entire action to Renaissance Italy!
> He took out all the songs, too (I guess they sounded to modern).

Um, are you sure you hadn't wandered into a production of Romeo and
Juliet (not written by Leonard Shakespeare or William Bernstein).

In service,

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