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Re: Instead of being in a play...

Annejke writes, in re "Are you in a play?"

> My husband, Lord Charles of the Red Oaks, usually answers this with:
> "Yes, I am in a play, West Side Story", and he has not had a person
> who didn't believe him!

This is not so incredible.  I actually attended a production of
"West Side Story" where the director had decided (for whatever
reason) to transfer the entire action to Renaissance Italy!
He took out all the songs, too (I guess they sounded to modern).

Whenever I happen to be in mufti (doesn't that sound much nicer
than "in mundanes"?) and see a man in garb off-site (a situation
that I'm usually only in at a grocery store near Cooper's Lake)
I like to go up to him and say, "Excuse me, my lord; are you in
a play?"

-- Alfredo

Ed Hopkins
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