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Re: Latest List Crises (Admin's Viewpoint)

Greetings all,
        While I am new come to the discussion, I have been following this
thread, as paraphrased by my good lady.  Being a veteran of net-life for
many years, I thought I might add some input...

At 04:35 PM 6/4/96 -0400, you wrote:
>Newsgroup - Don't like it.  Having a newsgroup, even a modified 
>one opens you up to spamming and anyone who wander's by.  Also,
>newsgroup propagation can still take up to several days.  I 
>get my newsfeed from California.  I don't want to wait that long to
>get information from the list.

Killfiles and bandwidth are the two advantages I personally see to making
use of the Usenet.  This resource is better able to handle ever increasing
loads than mail and list servers typically are able, plus most news clients
offer the advantage of killing unwanted threads through means of a killfile.
I don't advocate this as a perfect solution, but current releases of
Netscape make browsing the Usenet much simpler and open access to just about
everyone, and I think there are pluses well worth the consideration.

>Subject headers - If people want to do this themselves, I say more
>power to them.  I do not support a mandatory scheme for them.  I think
>that more descriptive subject headers offers more than specific categories.

This doesn't address an issue I think several people ahve touched on.  Some
mail servers cap the incoming messages for a given user account at a certain
number. How do more descriptive subject headers help these people?

Another resource Tanner failed to mention which I feel merits attention is
IRC. Anyone with a Internet connectivity, with a little help, can set up an
IRC client.  Such a r-t resource is ideal for the role playing many list
subscribers seem to favor.  I would be more than happy to offer direct,
personal assistance to anyone wishing to gain access to IRC and start up a
regular channel for the Merry Rose thereupon.

I think some consideration, as Tanner suggested in exercising restraint in
posting, and courtesy, again I agree that versing one's self in a list's
etiquette alla the list FAQ (again as Tanner suggested)is not a bad notion.
I abhor rules and regulations, myself, but I won't hesitate to point out
that such stricutres usually arise as a result of abuse (at least in my

Yours in service,

Thomas Lyon of Braemar
"The goal is no more produced by the method than the mountain is produced by
the journey."


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