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Re: Latest List Crises (Admin's Viewpoint)

	In the interest in helping reduce bandwidth, I offer the following,
humble, idea...

	Very often, I do this too, people reply to messages as they read
them, moving down the list.  I find that I've ended up sending out a
reply to a message, then replying to someone else's reply to that
original message, and so on, and so on.  My suggestion is to hold off
on replying to any given thread until after reading all messages, in
that thread, pulled off the list at any given time.  This asks a lot
of the individual subscriber but would force people to think a bit
before replying and should result in consolidation of replies, thus
lower bandwidth.  Of course, as always, your mileage may vary...

Yours in service,

Thomas Lyon of Braemar

"The goal is no more produced by the method than the Mountain is produced by the journey."

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