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EVENT: Festival of Kites

Good gentles

I have late returned from Dun Carraig's barony meeting, and am posting this
at the request of the net-deprived autocrat of our upcoming Festival of
Kites event.

There are people have told us that they will be attending our event, but so
far we have not received reservations from all of them.  This oriental
event is unusual in that we make a trip to Chinatown in greater Storvik the
weekend before to purchase specialty food items that are not readily
available in our maritime Barony.  We must have at least a ballpark
estimate of on-board attendance if we are to have enough food for everyone
and not have to turn people away from the feast.  We also need to know if
it is going to be profitable to hold the event.

If you plan to attend and have not sent in your reservation, please contact
the reservation autocrat:

		Chris Darago (Arianna Morgan)
		(301) 870-5395

My thanks for your attention.

Phillip (who will be in the kitchen as Yoshi)
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