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Re: Seneschal's July Acorn Letter

Allah's Peace to the People of the Merry Rose, and especially my friend Mar Yakkov!

Harold Feld wrote:
> I, and others, have maintained for sometime that even the best
> decisionmakers with the noblest intent cannot work this system
> satisfactorily.  IT's closed nature, its reliance on personalities rather
> than process, all creat and air of suspiscion and a sense on the part of
> the people that their wishes have no impact.

I have had to say this before, generally to calm myself, but I'll say it again.  The 
Society Seneschal's action has the affect on us that I am sure most period politics 
would have had on subjects of the respective crown.

Anyone else think that we may have done a better job at recreating the social engine of 
the middle ages than we planned?  Self-determination is something that didn't happen 
very often in our period of study.  Self-determination and "pursuit of happiness" 
came a little while after, and even then was almost an ethereal idea.  I do not believe, 
however, that anyone expected this out of corpora.

Please don't get me wrong.  Those of us who feel like taking a stand should do that.  
That is something you owe yourself.  You must, and eventually will, hold yourself 
responsible for your actions or your silence.

To state my personal opinion of this matter is premature, but in my ignorance I default 
to Master Thomas.

> Harold Feld
> Yaakov HaMizrachi

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