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RE: Seneschal's July Acorn Letter

At 10:24 PM 6/4/96, Jack Helm wrote:
>M'lord, neither the lady who initially wrote this letter nor I are
>advocating >anyone sit back and do nothing if they feel a wrong is being
>done. All that she >was trying to get across (and if I misunderstood, my
>apologies to Lady Melys) >is that we should not be jumping to conclusions
>and begin spouting anti BOD or >anti anything until all sides of the issue
>are known. That is all.

This was not clear from the initial post, at least not to me.  On the other
hand, I do admit that I was skimming this stuff to try to get through the
volume after University.

>I applaud anyone who believes in their convictions enough to do something
>them. And nobody in the Kingdom would be more pleased to see the recent
>decision concerning Master Thomas' warrant overturned than I. The only thing
>that I feel should be advocated is some restraint on the flaring of anger
>towards an individual or a group of individuals without any attempt to
>understand their reasons. Once the reasons are known, if you disagree with
>them, then action would be called for. But until we have something to listen
>to, all this talk about condemning the BOD's so called broad ranging
>powers is >pointless and has no real ground to stand on. There is no such
>thing as a one
>sided coin.

I agree and disagree.  That is to say, I agree that more knowledge needs to
be developed.  On the other hand, I disagree that we cannot analyze flaws
in the *system*.  The fact that a decision engenders such dramatic feelings
on all sides is an indication that the decision-making process needs

I, and others, have maintained for sometime that even the best
decisionmakers with the noblest intent cannot work this system
satisfactorily.  IT's closed nature, its reliance on personalities rather
than process, all creat and air of suspiscion and a sense on the part of
the people that their wishes have no impact.

>I think your Idea about calling the folks involved and speaking to them
> directly is a wonderful Idea and look forward to your post letting the rest of
> us know what you have discovered. The search for truth should always be
>commended and I do so now. Your report will empower many to make sound
>judgments with enough information that their decisions will have a better
>foundation to base themselves on. Vivats to you as well, m'lord.
>Michael Ryan

Well, for various historical reasons, it would be ill advised for me to
call Sedalia directly.  There is also the little matter of my recent move
and the drain it places on my time.  However, I will try to call the
Atlantia Ombud before the weekend.

Harold Feld
Yaakov HaMizrachi

"Do not ask 'Why are these days not as good as the days of old?' This
question is not prompted by wisdom." -Eccl.

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