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Re: Discuss: Seneschal's July Acorn Letter

On Wed, 05 Jun 1996 17:38:36 -0400 (EDT), you wrote:

>Well, as a former regional deputy to a GOofS, Master Donavan in my case, 
>I can tell you that taking a regional deputy job does not put one in 
>immediate danger of succeeding to the main position.  It is quite 
>possible none of the deputies WANTED to be promoted, though you'd have to 
>ask them.  I know Mistress Marenna had the job before Master Thomas, so 
>she probably didn't want it back.

Most of us learned about the news the same time you did. I did write
to Her Grace requesting amplification but have still not heard back
(its only been 5 days though).

I guess the thing that does concern me most is that Master Thomas
seemed more than "acceptable" to both the Regnum and the populace, but
neither group's wishes seem to count for much. By the time that the
new Society Seneschal is in place, and my understanding is that all
"new" decisions will fall to him, this replacement will be a fait
accompli. No discussion....

I don't know the new Kingdom Seneschal, but am confident that anyone
acceptable to Their Majesties is more than capable; my objections
should not be mis-construed as an objection to her personally, but I
am a little surprised and concerned at how this replacement has been
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