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RE: Selecting Kingdom Officers

Greetings from Eldrydd!

Scripsit His Grace, Richard:

%Great officers are selected by
%1) asking for applicants, usually by the outgoing officer
%2) the outgoing officer recommends an applicant to the Crown
%3) the Crown accepts or rejects that applicant and then
%4) The crown sends a name to the applicable corporate officer

%If everybody agrees, then everything is fine.  In this case, the corporate
%officer did not accept the outgoing officer's suggestion and disagreed with
%the Crown's decision.  This means that the corporate officer must work with
%the Crown to find an alternative candidate that both can accept.

%Not right or wrong, just the way it actually works.

In reply to:  Cheryl L. Martin who wrote:

%>The other question in this is why Master Thomas' successor was not one of
%>his deputies.  I'm not trying to cause more  heated debate but I was
%>just curious.  I'm wondering how all this sort of thing works(choosing
%>Great Officers of State, I mean).  Thanks for any information that anyone
%>can provide this matter.

Having not been present at any of the proceedings, I have an additional
tuppence to throw in.  Being a deputy does not necessarily mean that one
will be or wants to be a GOofS's successor.  Some people are much better
at being assistants than they are at being a leader.

In service,
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