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Re: Females with Male Persona

On Wed, 5 Jun 1996, Brent Kellmer wrote:

> Daffyd said something to the effect that he would only recognize a woman
> in a man's persona as such if HE decided that the individual's reasons
> were good enough that his own persona would accept them.  (Please forgive
> the paraphrasing -- I deleted his message before I decided that I really
> had to say something.  Please forgive (and correct) me if I am mistating
> Daffyd's words).

Actually, what Earl Dafydd was saying was that he had to be convinced that 
the persona was a man.  If it acts like a woman, it gets treated like a 
woman.  If it acts like a man, that's how it gets treated.  The beginning 
of his post wasn't entirely clear on this point, but he said it pretty 
much in so many words towards the end.

The part of his post that you are remembering was along the lines of if 
it is clearly a woman pretending to be a man (i.e. still using the 
mannerisms of a woman), then his treatment depends on his perception of 
the reasons for the pretence.

But no doubt His Excellency will pass by this way soon, and explain 
himself better.

Do have a bit of this madeira while you wait, m'lord; it is very fine.

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