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Discuss: Seneschal's July Acorn Letter

Lady Ayo asks:
> The other question in this is why Master Thomas' successor was not one of 
> his deputies.  I'm not trying to cause more  heated debate but I was 
> just curious.  I'm wondering how all this sort of thing works(choosing 
> Great Officers of State, I mean).  Thanks for any information that anyone 
> can provide this matter.
Well, as a former regional deputy to a GOofS, Master Donavan in my case, 
I can tell you that taking a regional deputy job does not put one in 
immediate danger of succeeding to the main position.  It is quite 
possible none of the deputies WANTED to be promoted, though you'd have to 
ask them.  I know Mistress Marenna had the job before Master Thomas, so 
she probably didn't want it back.

former DKCEN
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