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3YC area Weather

FYI for those of you going to 3YC.

The best advice for this area in June (from someone who lived in An Tir for
20 years) is to WEAR LAYERS.  It can get mighty cold in the morning and
evening and HOT in the day.

        - Anarra

Just for your information, o midrealmers/atlantians who are coming to 3yc
[and one other I'm sending this to for the fun of it]:

It's *very* HOT and Humid out here right now, don't know the heat index, but
it had to exist, base temperature in the high 80s but much worse than that.

While there could well be a change in the weather prior to/during 3yc, *do*
bring your serengeti pennsic wear.

yrs, Ian Jameson

John Mead/Ian Jameson  johnmead@teleport.com   
"Do not argue with Dragons, for you are crunchy and good with...Chocolate

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