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RE: 3YC area Weather

Fair greetings to those gathered here at the Merry Rose:

Anarra pointed out that:

>The best advice for this area in June (from someone who lived in An Tir
>for 20 years) is to WEAR LAYERS.  It can get mighty cold in the morning
>and evening and HOT in the day.

Really good point.  The last week or so it's been in the 70's here and
somewhat humid (although if you're from Storvik, it'll seem like it's
awfully dry).  While there's a current bet on between members of the
autocrat's team as to whether or not it will get above 80 -- about equal
numbers on each side.

The other thing to think about (if you haven't already heard about it from
every other source) is that it is the Pacific Northwest.  There's a lot of
rain here.  While it's been dry for the last couple of weeks, it has been
an extemely wet winter and spring up until now.It's within the realm of
possibility that it could rain rather hard for several consecutive days
(as it did at the AnTir May Crown two weeks ago.)

Anyway, just thought I'd let people know, if anyone here is going to 3YC.
If you are, look me or my wife up -- we'd like to get to know (in person)
the people of our new kingdom.  We'll be in the main autocrat's encampment
everyday except Wednesday and Thursday of next week.  Stop by and say

--Rodrigo Ramirez de Valencia
  who takes another sip of his madeira and shakes his head in bafflement
at the absolutely astounding number of pieces of garb his wife had him
load in the car last night...

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