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Re[2]: Become a newsgroup

"Squeak?" he said, in a quite surprised tone of voice.  "I just drink here..."

Seriously, if there's a need that I can fill, I will fill it.  I'm just a little
hazy on the requirements...

Oh, before I forget:  To the gentle (whose name escapes me) who said that the 
surge of messages seems to be over and that perhaps it was just a temporary 
thing:  NO WAY.  Whoever said, "read the Rialto for a month" was right.  Been 
there, done that...if anything, this list is TAME.  If anybody really wants to 
see a zoo, subscribe to the Meridiean mailing list...that place has stuff that 
hasn't even been _catalogued_ yet.

Moving on,

J. Blackbow

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Subject: Re: Become a newsgroup 
Author:  "Cheryl L. Martin" <zofran@deepthot.cary.nc.us> at INTERNET
Date:    6/4/96 12:09 PM
  I don't think Kendrick should have to administer two lists.  I would 
hope that some one with a vested interest should volunteer(Jonathan?).  
      Moderator, rec.arts.sf.tv.babylon5.moderated

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