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Greetings unto His Royal Highness Logan Ebonwoulfe and the Patrons of
the Merry Rose!

Scripsit His Highness:
%Our canton of the Guardians of the Sacred Stone will once again be
%hosting Auxillium et Concillium (war and peace) on the 15th of June here
%in Charlotte.

[important information on A&C snipped for brevity]

%Crash space will be provided for anyone
%who needs it. The first 50 or so will be sent to Micheal Ryan's house and
%he has already said that you won't have to clean up after yourselves.

Your Highness, I admire your generousity towards your subjects!
However, a clarification is in order.  Having been to Lord Michael's
domicile, I have ascertained that all fifty gentles may not be able to
sleep at the same time unless the vast majority of them can do so
while standing upright, or draped over a towel rack/doorknob/chair.

Oh, I see now!  The first fifty will be sent to Lord Michael's home,
from whence they shall be directed to appropriate lodgings--that's
why they won't need to clean up after themselves!  8^)

In service and merriment,
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