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US Postal Changes

Greetings to all from Tirloch! 

Lord Rabah az-Zafar has sent out a note about the USPS regarding how 1st 
and 3rd class mailings will chnage on 1 July 1996...it is important that 
we adhere it these changes or face the consequences of undelivered mail. 
The major changes are:

A) Addresses should be in all caps and no punctuation except for
   the dash in the zip+4. Use a font with blocky letters with no
   serifs. Numbers should be in a font that has clear distinctions
   between each number, whether it's read forward or backwards. 
   Use only approved abbreviations.
B) The last two lines of the address should include all the
   necessary information for postal delivery. The last line
   should have city, state & zip+4. The next to last line should
   have street address/po box/& any apartment numbers/suite #.
C) Any self-flyer, newsletter, etc. that is sent through the mail
   should have the *FOLD* on the *BOTTOM* as you look at the
   address. And it should be tabbed closed, not stapled. (That
   way it can go through the machine & be processed at a faster
   rate - which means faster delivery, & if your mail is metered,
   it can have a substantial savings.)

The relevant web pages are:




Tom Bilodeau
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