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Re: INQUIRY: Pennsic confirmation

  Has anyone received their final confirmation and registration number from
  Pennsic?  I sent my pre-reg. form in February; have received my cancelled
  check and the postcard, but not the registration packet.

Check out the page at http://www.whitebelt.com/pennsic/prereg.html, where it


  The basic procedure will be to send in an application, with the
  required information, the week-end member-rate camping fee and self
  addressed stamped postcard. After all items have been verified, you
  will receive back an official Pennsic registration card . This will
  have confirmation of registration and the number will be your Medallion
  number.  When you arrive at Troll, you will bring your registration
  card with you.  Enter the "preregistered line; your waiver will be
  pre-printed and ready for your final inspection; Date and Sign the
  waiver; pay the additional camping fees; if you are not a member of the
  SCA, pay the additional Pennsic non-member fee and you are on your
  way.  This year the Weekend fee includes, Thursday, Friday, Saturday of
  War week.

The postcard is all you get.

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