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1--Thanks; 2--A Quick Visit

Good evening, gentles all!

As a perpetual student, I don't spend as much time in the Merry Rose tavern
as I'd like to.  It seems sleepy today, so I'll drink a quiet cup of cider
and relax before heading home.  Now, in reverse order, I want to offer
my sincere thanks to everyone who's responded to my "newbie" queries on
rec.sca.org and this mailing list.  I wish I could write you all personally
but time does not allow.

Hmmm... I'm feeling mellow now.  Miriam, are you in here?  <Waves>  As
a newbie, I'm still a little unsure about the "university".  Mundanely, is
it like a weekend workshop?  Or is it more detailed and time-committing?

Also, where's it at?  I know I can't make it to anything this summer, but I'd
like to get a basic idea for fall/winter.  If I *could* make it to anything,
I'd go to Pennsic!  That sounds marvelous!

A short, amusing tale:  I had checked out a Compleat Anachronist book on
the art of brewing and was reading it during a break in class.  A sorority
girl saw what I was reading--her eyes got big--and you wouldn't believe
how friendly she was after that!  (sigh, roll eyes, grin).  There's actually
a professor here (she claims) who gets of-age students to do yard work for
him in exchange for home-brewed beer... not bad!  :)  I'm tempted, awfully
tempted, to get an 8-gallon vat this weekend...

Stretch--yawn--I suppose I've gone on long enough.  I keep to my corner and
speak little, but when I do speak, watch out!  ;)

A good evening to you all!

(Jennifer <now considering "Elspeth" as a name>)
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