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MR-Info: Linnation

Annejke (Aonnika) wrote:

> >(Jennifer <now considering "Elspeth" as a name>)
> Did you know that in period the Gaelic 'linnation' of the name
> Elspeth is Yalosach (pronounced Yeallowsach)?  So if someone was
> saying something as simple as 'Chimera hwo' (Good Day) it would be
> Chimera hwo Yalosach and Elspeth would only be used when you refer to
> yourself.  Depends on how pick you want to be.  My laurel's name is
> Elasaid nic Pherson, Elasaid (Elasha) is also Elspeth with the same
> linnation.  If I ever called her Yalosach, she'd deck me.  Just
> thought you might want to know so that you don't get caught off guard.

I am intrigued by this concept of 'linnation'.  Could you please explain
it further?

Is Aonnika a linnation of Annejke?

Does every Gaelic name have a linnation?  Is there a list?

Is there some sort of regular change from the name to the linnation?

Do other cultures have linnation?

It it similar to First Person, Second Person, Third Person conjugations
in English, only applied to nouns instead of verbs?

Is it related to the Binomial Nomenclature developed by Carl von Linne'
(Linnaeus carolus)?

Is 'chimera hwo' connected with the heraldic chimera, with a lion's head
vomiting flames, a goat's body, and a serpent's tail?

Is it proper for me to put "Info" on the subject line when I am requesting
(rather than providing) information?

Am I asking too many questions?

Am I asking inappropriate questions?

-- Alfredo

Ed Hopkins
Equivocate [sp?], from the Latin words _equus_ (horse) and
_vocare_ (to say) [etym?], means To Just Say Neigh [def?].
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