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Selecting Kingdom Officers

Greetings from Richard!

Great officers are selected by 
1) asking for applicants, usually by the outgoing officer
2) the outgoing officer recommends an applicant to the Crown 
3) the Crown accepts or rejects that applicant and then
4) The crown sends a name to the applicable corporate officer

If everybody agrees, then everything is fine.  In this case, the corporate
officer did not accept the outgoing officer's suggestion and disagreed with
the Crown's decision.  This means that the corporate officer must work with
the Crown to find an alternative candidate that both can accept.

Not right or wrong, just the way it actually works.

At 10:15 AM 6/5/96 -0400, Cheryl L. Martin wrote:
>The other question in this is why Master Thomas' successor was not one of 
>his deputies.  I'm not trying to cause more  heated debate but I was 
>just curious.  I'm wondering how all this sort of thing works(choosing 
>Great Officers of State, I mean).  Thanks for any information that anyone 
>can provide this matter.

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