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FAQ messed up

Hi folks,

I'm sure everyone by now has noticed that the faq I posted yesterday
was messed up.  The faq is originally written in Standard Generalized
Markup Language (SGML) so that I can have one source to generate a text
version, an html version, a postscript version, etc...  Unfortunately,
I screwed up generating the text version which resulted in having
duplicate characters on the headers with a ctrl-h character (also known
as backspace) between them.  This happened because in other versions,
the headers are supposed to be bold.  The only way to do this in text
is to fake it by writing it twice (this is a holdover from the typewriter
days, I think).  Anyway, this was totally inappropriate for what needed
to be posted to the list, and I will fix it as soon as I get home tonight.

That being said, please don't e-mail about it.  I've already received
several e-mails pointing out this fact to me, and while I do appreciate
it being brought to my attention, there is no need for anyone else to do so.

In service,
Lord Kendrick Wayfarer
Listkeeper, Merry Rose
             |                     lovelace@netcom.com      
             |\                       Arlington, VA
             |/      Per chevron argent and azure, a wolf passant 
             |     sable between three compass roses counterchanged.

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