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Discuss: If Atlantia were a deck of Cards, what would it look like?

Unto Your Excellency and all the good folks within the sound of my voice 
does Lord Leifr Johansson send greetings,

Earl Dafydd gave a wonderful class at University (twice, in fact, and 
other ones besides) about Cards and Card Games.  He mentioned that during 
the period, there were a number of experimental decks created with a 
variety of different symbols used for suits.  So I asked him if he 
thought it would be "period" to create an Atlantian deck with symbols 
evocative of Atlantia.  I think his answer was "Yes".

Now, as I understand this, decks were made by printing with wood blocks 
and painting with stencils.  I think the backs would be easy, because if 
you use Atlantia's field and fess, and alternate the alignment, three up, 
three down, three up, three down, you get a block of twelve cards 
(enough for all the face cards in a french deck and more then enough for 
all the number cards in each suit) and cutting the cards out is easier 
because there is no problem with misalignment (you might have to draw 
this out to see how it goes).

For suits I'm thinking Escallops in gold, with the Ace being a Blue 
Escalop with a pearl,

Acorns (a period suit for the German deck, I believe) with the Ace being 
an Acorn centered on a blasted Oak (remember Myrkwoode),

Tridents, with the Ace being a Red dolphin maintain one, or maybe also a 
seahorse maintaining one (we've got extra cards, you can personalize your 
deck ;-).

And maybe Bows, though that is the weakest choice, I think.  

But that gives us two Round suits, two Long suits, but also two "Water" 
suits and two "Forest" suits.

I feel it would be nice to give the first decks to the Crown, with some 
for gifts, then maybe sell some at an event to raise money for the Oak 
(one of my favorite worthy causes) then turn over production to the 
Atlantian Piece Goods company for fundraising for the kingdom.

However, I can not carve wood.  Otherwise, especially with design, I 
would be interested in helping.

Your thoughts solicited,

Leifr Johansson
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